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Unbias is a marketplace that lets anyone invest in music royalties for only $50.

For independent artists, record label owners, and copyright holders that means more cash flow for scaling a business while maintaining ownership.

unbias gives you access to a previously untapped asset class— royalty revenue streams with stable yields and built-in diversification.

the benefits of investing in artist royalties with unbias are:

  • monthly income – earn royalty income and withdraw anytime
  • royalty appreciation – shares appreciate in payout overtime, as the song continues to stream
  • asset familiarity – unlike stocks or crypto, you feel greater comfort and benefit from an information advantage of an asset class you are personally knowledgeable of. 
  • sell anytime – shares can be sold anytime. No lock-up periods
  • tax advantages – Benefit from favorable royalty tax deductions like depreciation
  • decentralized governance – token holders vote on all royalty decisions
  • save time & energy – all music are managed by unbias

unbias gives you access to the world’s first marketplace of future royalties for artists rising in their careers. we are not a fund. we do not acquire royalty rights, and then sell them on our website. 

the unbias platform uses state of the art music AI to estimate future streaming numbers from audio files. allowing you to invest opportunity in investing e

unbias consists of buyers (investors) and sellers (artists who want to transform future royalty revenue into up-front capital). 

we source artists using data across multiple genres in different stages of their careers. some artists are sourced by partners and vetted by our internal team of music industry experts. we then arrange an agreement to receive royalties of a song up to 1-3 years, or a catalog of songs, at a specific price (usually at a discount).

a song is approved or denied based on factors like an artist’s historical streaming performance, song viability, copyright issues, distributor relationship, and more.

once approved, the song’s future royalties are put under contract by a newly formed entity. the entity is then fractionalized into shares for you to invest. 

once the song is fully funded by investors, the entity will close on the song and all future royalties payments will be transferred to the new entity shareholders.