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Estimate time to 1,000,000 stream

Find similar tracks from 2004

Forecast the next 30-days

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Identify record labels with this vibe

Suggest artists creating indie electronica

Which artists sound similar to this track

How likely will this track reach 500k streams

Identify growth opportunities

Find collaboration opportunities for this artist

Share marketing strategies for this track

Give me a report on artist streaming trajectory

Find geographic market for this track

What is the fastest growing subgenre

Share the main playlists for epic core music

Tell me top European artists for indie poptimism

Suggest unexpected collabs for my artist

Who are this song's demographics

Songbird is a music AI system

It analyzes your music, predicts streaming milestones, and helps you find the right audience.

Powering music professionals

Understand more about your music

Easily find more characteristics about your music. Identify new audiences, target similar artists, and more.

Forecast track performance

Predict listener engagement for unreleased and released tracks. Better plan for releases and respond in real time.

Search and brainstorm efficiently

Quickly pull relevant information from Songbird's knowledge for ideation and research.

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